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Optimal Design of Colored Glass filters

Designing a colored glass filter with a specified spectral transmittance is very difficult due to the availability of colored glasses, the arrangement methods of the colored glasses, and the thickness of each colored glass. Liu et al[1] developed an optimization algorithm for designing colored glass filters to simulate CIE illuminant D65. This method can be used to design any types of colored glass filters, such as the filters for modifying the spectral response of detectors to simulate CIE color matching functions, and the filters for CIE standard daylight illuminants.

The optimization algorithm can design serially arranged colored glass filters, side-by-side filters, and the combination of side-by-side with serial arranged filters. The arrangement style depends on the requirement from our customers. Most filters are serial arrangement with 2 to 3 colored glass. A few of them are the combination of side-by-side with serial arrangement, such as the filters for simulating CIE illuminant D65.

Colored glass filter design service. We design colored glass filters according to the customers' requirements. The designed filter has an optimal match to the required spectral transmittance. We will provide a sample filter to verify the spectral transmittance. We can also provide colored glass filters.

We used the optimal design method to design optical filter for simulating standard CIE daylight illuminates, and the optical filter received a US patent 7,378,784. We also used the method to design the glass filters of a three-band light source for museum lighting.

[1] Y. Liu, R. Berns, and Y. Shu, Optimization algorithm for designing colored glass filters to simulate CIE illuminant D65, Color Res. Appl., 16, 89-96 (1991)  




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