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CIE standard daylight simulators        daylight1.JPG (5138 bytes)

We provide two types of CIE standard daylight simulators at different phases (5000K - 7500K):
      1. Incandescent lamp with colored glass filters,
      2. Xenon arc lamp with colored glass filters, and

The most useful daylight simulator is D65 operating at the color temperature 6500K. D50 is the standard daylight simulator for the graphic arts industries. It may be used for museum lighting purpose. Xenon daylight simulator, although very expensive,  is the best for simulating CIE standard illuminant from UV to the visible spectral range. Incandescent daylight simulators have high metamerism index in the visible wavelength range and low cost.


1. Incandescant Daylight Simulators:

     Color Temperature:   5000K, 5500K, 6500K and 7500K.
     Metamerism Index MIvis: B or better.
     Color Rendering Index:    >95

US Patent 7,378,784

2. Xenon Arc Daylight Simulators:

    Color Temperature:   5000K, 5500K, 6500K and 7500K.
     Metamerism Index MI: AB or better.
     Color Rendering Index:    >95


LiuLabs Daylight for Color Grading of Gemstones

The LiuLabs Daylight is a new type of daylight simulator. The LiuLabs Daylight consists of a halogen lamp and a series of filters (two or more filters are arranged in serial) to simulate the northern window daylight for color grading of gemstones as well as for colorimetric purposes. The metamerism index of the new daylight simulator is MIvis B or better in the visible range, and the spectral power distribution matches that of the CIE standard daylight D65 very well. Figure 1 shows the spectral power distribution of the new filtered halogen daylight simulator. 

Figure 1. The spectral power distribution of the LiuLab Daylight simulator.

We provide two types of the LiuLabs Daylight D65 daylight simulators: 1. Task light, and 2. Project light. The task light is used on desk or clipped on shelf, and the project light is for lighting in a color grading room. Figure 2 shows the two types of LiuLabs D65 daylight simulators.


Figure 2. Two types of the LiuLabs daylight sources: A. task light, and B. project light.

The LiuLabs Daylight D65 daylight simulator meets all ASTM, ISO, CIE standards for the D65 daylight simulator, and it is the only commercial available daylight simulator that meets the requirement of metamerism index B or better in the visible range for color grading and color matching in the world. 

The LiuLabs CIE daylight simulators can also be used for other colorimetric applications, such as color matching, color observation, color grading and etc.


     Color Temperature (Tc):      6500 +/-300 K
     Metamerism Index in the Visible Wavelength Range (MIv):    B or Better
     Color Rendering Index (CRI):      > 95
     Illumination Level:    540 - 2150 lx
     Beam Angle: 12, 24 and 36 degrees
     Average Life: 4000 hours

US Patent 7,378,784

Note: The quality of daylight simulators shall be assessed by the metamerism index. Color Rendering Index is not recommended for assessing the quality of daylight simulators by ASTM, CIE and ISO.     



LiuLabs Flash Daylight

truedaylightF.JPG (3512 bytes)

LiuLabs Flash Daylight is for grading and viewing color under daylight. It emits high quality daylight spectrum. It is portable and easy to use. It provides daylight anytime at anywhere.


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