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Colored Glass Filters

We provide all types of colored glass filters, including Schott, Hoya, Corning, Kopp, Isuzu and other colored glass filters. We can cut the filters in any sizes and shapes upon customer requests. We keep many types of rare and out-of-production colored glass filters in stock. If you cannot find a colored glass filter, just let us provide it to you. If the glass filter is not in our stock, we can find it for you, or design one with the same spectral transmittance for you. We are the ultimate and the most trusted supplier of colored glass filters for you.

 We have developed an optimal colored glass filter design software for designing colored glass filters with any spectral transmittances. We can design and make colored glass filters  in series, side-by-side, and side-by-side in series arrangement to optimally match any spectral transmittances specified by customers.


We provide following colored glass filters:

Long Wavelength Pass Filters

Short Wavelength Pass Filters

Band Pass Filters

UV Filters

IR Filters

Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Colorless and Black filters

Color Temperature Conversion Filters

Heat Absorbing Filters

Neutral Density Filters




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