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Thermal temperature measurements of a plasma torch by  alexandrite effect spectropyrometer and enthalpy probe

The thermal temperature of a low power rod-type plasma torch is measured by the alexandrite effect spectropyrometer and an enthalpy probe. The plasma torch is operated with Ar gas at 8 KW power. Figure 1 shows the temperature measurement of the plasma torch by the spectropyrometer. The measured thermal temperature of the plasma torch is 2511 K.

Figure 1. Temperature measurement of the plasma torch by the alexandrite effect spectropyrometer.


The enthalpy Probe System from Tekna is a complex instrument for high accurate thermal temperature measurement of plasma. Figure 2 shows the temperature measurement of the plasma torch by the enthalpy probe. The measured temperature by the enthalpy is 2511 K, which is the same as that measured by the spectropyrometer.

Figure 2. Temperature measurement o the plasma torch by the enthalpy probe.



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