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LIU RESEARCH LABORATORIES, LLC is a research and development company in the fields of pyrometry, gemology, color science and optics with 6 US patents and one patent in pending.

We provide the most advanced alexandrite effect spectropyrometer for high to ultrahigh temperature measurement from 800 K to 100,000K,  and the MDIS-f8 multifunction dual integrating sphere spectrometer for spectral measurement, color measurement, UV fluorescence measurement, photoluminescence measurement, color grading of gemstones, color grading of colored diamonds, color grading of jadeite, and alexandrite effect grading. The spectrometer can measure the fluorescence of liquid and soft tissue easily, and can be used in the biological, biochemical, pharmaceutical and medical research fields, as well as medical examination and other industrial applications.  

We provide the state-of-the-art technology and methods obtained from our inventions and innovations by research and development, and the best services of pyrometry, gemology, and optics by knowledge, experience and instrumentation.


Alexandrite Effect Spectropyrometer US Patents 7,004,624 and 7,052,177

Multifunction Dual Integrating  Sphere  Spectrometer

US Patents 7,652,755, 7,388,656

and 8,878,145

       Computer Color Grading System     US Patent 7,388,656

     Standard CIE Daylight Simulators US patent 7,378,784

Optimal Design of Colored Glass Filters

Color Change Cubic Zirconia (CZ)



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